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Roofs are meant to stand in service for a lengthy period of time. However, that doesn’t mean that they are not going to fall prey to wear and tear then endure damage over the years. They could as well be damaged suddenly from severe weather conditions and similar circumstances. Contact us at Addison’s Best Roofing and Repairs to get a free inspection and estimate.

The Causes of Roof Damage

Extreme weather conditions could certainly be the reason for roof damage. Tornadoes and strong winds might carry debris that could smash your roof and cause serious damage to it. Hail storms might force you to have your roof replaced as they may cause further harm from unexpected falls. Fallen trees could fall right onto your roof and result in significant damage.

There are other possible causes of roof damage other than extreme weather conditions. It could as well be caused by climate changes that happen in temperatures. For instance, freezing and then thawing or melting is a potential cause of damage and may even lead to leakages.

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Age of Roof

You could not predict how long your roof will stand and last. Although it is made from quality and top materials and built to last for 20 to 30 years. Incidentally, that’s how long asphalt roofs are supposed to last. Some roofing materials could last even longer compare to that if they get the proper care and maintenance, such as metal and tile.

Various aspects might come into play and affect just how long your roof will last. It might be from wear and tear or it could be from the effects of extremely harsh weather. Those factors could indeed contribute to shortening the life expectancy of your roof significantly so contact your trusted roofing contractors.

Shingle Deterioration

Shingle deterioration affects totally roofs. However, it’s not the same for all the roofs as some experience it faster compared to others. Shingles mostly deteriorate because of their exposure to extreme weather conditions.

Exposure to extreme sun heat could wear down shingles considerably. The event of strong and sturdy winds could easily blow off shingles from your roof and that would leave your roof deck opened and vulnerable. On the other hand, a hailstorm could damage and cause tiny pieces of damage in the shingles. That could make them much less effective in protecting your family and home.

So in any circumstances that you notice that your roof shingles are suffering from wear and tear for whatever reason, have them inspect and assessed right away. Roofing inspections done by experts could easily pinpoint the source of the problem. They could as well help you decide whether your shingles just need to be repaired or require to be replaced.

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