If you’re in the market for a new roof, you must understand the different roofing materials. Each business establishment has its own needs, and there are different types of roofing materials out there intended for various purposes. Factors such as your area’s weather patterns, energy efficiency, and the state of the existing roof are crucial factors you need to consider before installing roofing materials.

Roofing Contractors of Bethel have compiled the seven most common materials roofing companies used for commercial roofing.

  1. Metal Roofing

Metal is a solid and sturdy material, and it’s often used for commercial roofing purposes. Business owners love metal roofing because it can last for about 40 to 60 years, allowing them to save as much money as possible. 

Roofing contractors in Bethel, CT, suggest metal roofing for business owners that want something that looks attractive and finely finished. This material is also fire resistant and is far more robust than other roofing material alternatives available today.

However, the only downside to metal roofings is their susceptibility to corrosion. Modern metal roofs, however, are starting to have protective surface layers to reduce the material’s damage from exposure, moisture, and other environmental factors.

  1. Shingles

Shingles are arguably the most common roofing materials today. You will typically find it in residential buildings, but businesses also use it on commercial properties, especially the ones with steep roof lines. They are available in different forms and are usually made from asphalt, slate, ceramic, and plastic, to name a few. 

Most roofers in Bethel, CT, suggest this material because it’s easy to install. It’s also affordable and versatile, making it one of the favorite choices amongst business owners.

  1. EPDM Membrane Roofing

Widely used in low-sloped buildings, ethylene propylene diene terpolymer (EPDM) is a synthetic rubber material known for its durability and strong resistance to sunlight and pollution. It comes in white and black rolls, and it’s favored for its extreme durability against solvents such as alcohol and acids. 

While it’s not the prettiest option in the market today, it’s ideal for areas with a hot climate since it can fend off UV rays exceptionally well. It’s also relatively rare to see commercial establishments with EPDM roofing experience leaks. So if you like something that can easily withstand extreme weather conditions, you’d want this roofing material on your commercial property.

  1. Built-up Roofing Membrane

Often referred to as “BUR,” a built-up roofing membrane is a tar-and-gravel roof with built-in piles. These layers significantly affect the material’s durability and cost. It’s an almost old style of roofing system, but it’s arguably one of the most challenging roofing materials offered by roofing contractors in Bethel, CT, today. 

This roofing material can last up to 20 years – even more if cared for properly. Roofers in Bethel, CT, recommend this to business owners because it’s relatively inexpensive to maintain, and it’s pretty flexible because you can customize the number of layers depending on the durability requirements your property may need.

  1. Green Roof

Bethel roofing contractors recommend green roofs to business owners who love to make their establishments project a connection to nature. These sustainable masterpieces will not only improve the appearance of your property but will also affect the air quality within your area. It can also serve as a place for relaxation for your employees. The only downside to this kind of roofing system is that it requires ongoing maintenance and monitoring.

  1. Spray-On Roofing

Spray polyurethane foam (SPF) is a material known for its waterproof and insulating properties. This material starts as foam. Once it’s sprayed on the surface, it will instantaneously expand and harden into a solid layer after a while. Spray-on roofing is pretty versatile because you can use it in any climate, lasting anywhere from 50 years or more if properly installed and maintained. 

  1. Thermoplastic PVC

Suppose you require a roofing system that’s durable enough to withstand chemical damage, punctures, or even weathering easily. Thermoplastic PVC has been around for over 30 years, and its reputation amongst roofing companies in Bethel, CT, for its extreme durability is well-known. Thermoplastic PVC is also resistant to hazards such as fire, winds, and high temperatures, to name a few.

Get the Best Material for Your Commercial Roofing Needs

Roofing Contractors of Bethel offers some of the most extensive roofing services in Bethel, CT. They also have a wide range of roofing materials available for their customers. Contact them today so you can have a better understanding of what kind of roofing material would be best for commercial property.

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